Small Business

There is no argument that major, multinational corporations have gotten all of the breaks and benefits of the latest rewrite of the tax code. Wall Street firms and giant multinational corporations have made it so that they pay that same or less in taxes than a mom and pop establishment. Every party has rosy rhetoric about what they think of small businesses, but none of them have offered policies that seek to alleviate this unfair situation. I propose that we repeal the parts of the tax plan that went to multinational corporations and the millionaires and billionaires, and make permanent the cuts that went to legitimate small businesses and the working and middle class families of this country.

It must be said that most businesses don’t see the recent tax cuts, primarily for the rich and major corporations, as an opportunity to invest in expanding their businesses, hiring new workers or raising wages. The reason for this is because a business has to, first and foremost, have more customers and when half of the country earns less than $30K a year, the likelihood of small businesses continuing to struggle is high. The real engine for economic growth is not trickle down theory, but one where working and middle class families have more to spend in the countless small businesses located throughout their communities.

I will also be very aggressive in advocating for programs that aid small businesses in transitioning to worker co-ops and programs to assist in creating worker co-ops from scratch.

Small businesses also need an advocate to consistently fight for a competitive playing field, someone who will call out and then breakup legalized monopolies in whatever sectors they exist. The large, multinational corporations have concentrated so much power at the top, that they can unilaterally decide to ship all or most of our jobs overseas, they can price fix to drive Main Street businesses under and that they can collude with the establishment politicians to make their tax burden shift to small businesses and the working and middle class families of this country.