Net Neutrality

It cannot be overstated how important to society a free and open internet is. Free to search virtually any site for information on practically any subject, their points of view, emerging ideas and even a place to stand up for what we believe in. Open in the sense that the views of the people should be heard and it should not be up for censorship when their message is not corporate friendly or politically correct.

Over 80% of the people in this country wanted to keep net neutrality as it had always been. There needs to be legislation, in the form of a constitutional amendment, that makes the internet an essential utility and heavily regulates broadband providers for abuses.

It also cannot be overstated how important the internet is to daily commerce, and small businesses in the 21st century will live and die based off of their internet connectivity. Which is why we can never allow fast and slow lanes to be created for the benefit of large corporations that can pay the ransom, while everyone else that can’t afford it is stuck in the slow lane…possibility losing business or going out of business.