Living Wage

Trade deals, primarily, have been the reason why American workers haven’t had a genuine wage increase that has kept up with inflation since the 1980’s. All but the strongest of trade unions also started their major decline around the same time as wages started to stagnate. This is why I will fight for a living wage for working families and no less than $15 an hour for a minimum wage. I will also empower unions to ensure workers are consistently paid a fair wage, have meaningful benefits and are provided a safe/pollution free workspace to get their jobs done.

There will of course need to be some exemptions for certain small businesses that only have a handful of employees and have the ability to prove a razor thin profit margin and/or high overhead. There will also need to be oversight to make sure businesses that can easily pay employees at least the minimum wage, aren’t allowed to cheat their workers out of their hard earned money.

Only beneficial outcomes are derived from putting more money into the pockets of the working class for all the hard work that they do, sometimes at two or possibly three jobs. No one will get rich off of a living/minimum wage, but it will give people the opportunity to work one full time job and still live a good life. Not to struggle to get by, but actually pay bills, maintain some long term savings and still have money left over for taking a vacation for a few weeks out of the year. There are still enough people alive that remember a time when this country used to do just that very thing for its workforce and it’s time we brought it back into existence.