All across this country, we have desperate needs to repair and replace infrastructure of all types. The different attempts this administration has proposed to address this very serious problem, have been made worse by the knowledge that a significant amount of those projects, both planned and existing, will be farmed out to Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms so that they may recoup their investments with tolls for decades to come. The cost of this will be borne on the backs of the working and middle class families of this country who use these roads for almost every imaginable aspect of life.

I believe that it is a top priority for this country to do two things: 1) Repair or replace the worst affected roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, drinking water systems, sewer systems and storm drain systems. 2) Plan and implement the next level of infrastructure projects like a state of the art electrical grid that is almost impervious to a cyber attack, or constructing a rural broadband network across the neglected parts of the country, or a national high speed rail network for passengers and freight trains.

I feel infrastructure is a necessity because it will generate millions of jobs nationwide. The effect of having millions of well paid workers throughout the country, spending their money in local establishments, will lead to the economic explosion that we have been waiting for. Those businesses will hire people because of the increase in customers, those people will spend money on some of the same things everyone else is, and before you know it…new small businesses are created to fill the niches in those communities. This is the vision I’m going to bring to Washington.