There was a time when the people of this country could be fooled into thinking that all of the various single payer systems around the developed world were all horrible, but the internet has made available countless studies and statistics that prove the better outcomes and lower costs of those systems. We need Medicare4all because it would save us $17 trillion over ten years. Most sources put the cost of the healthcare system we have now at $49 trillion over the next ten years, and the highest estimate that Medicare4all will cost is $32 trillion over that same time period. That kind of cost savings is astronomical and with rigorous negotiations over things like drug prices, disposable medical supplies and standardizing the cost every procedure, the cost will only continue to drop even further over time.

The United States has the most expensive healthcare system in the world and we rank #37th for efficiency and outcomes. We also need to re-evaluate the way we care for elderly patients, people with mental health issues, and the many other treatments we use for diabetes, high blood pressure and numerous other conditions. Another factor that we need to consider is that small businesses will never have to worry about how to provide quality healthcare for their employees and no employee will ever have to stay at a job that they hate just because that job had good healthcare benefits.

I believe healthcare is a moral issue, especially in a country with the resources that we have. We can no longer have working and middle class families going bankrupt, simply because they cannot afford mediocre private insurance. Not to mention, the millions more with insurance that has a deductible in the thousands of dollars, in addition to the hundreds of dollars more a month they spend on premiums. Let’s finally get away from this for profit system and build one where health and positive outcomes are the highest priority.