Getting Money Out Of Politics

Even though I am not taking corporate or big donor money, that is not how most representatives and candidates operate. Most of these politicians are bought and paid for by major monied interests and it directly correlates to the votes they take. With the current election financing system we have in place, the working and middle class people of this country can never expect that their representatives will actually stand up for them. I will not only fight for getting money out of politics, but will also set the example by only accepting small dollar donors. Since the working and middle class people of this country overwhelmingly make up the bulk of small donors, this insures that I will be working for them and their interests above those of the mega rich and multinational corporations.

I will also fight to make sure we have a constitutional amendment that bans the private financing of elections and only public funding is necessary, to ensure that the people are being represented and not just the big money interests.