Foreign Policy

My primary opposition to all eight conflicts and the over 800 overseas bases is because they waste money that should be going to education spending, infrastructure development and repair, renewable energy development, increased small business development aid on a federal and local level and increased funding/additional programs dedicated to childcare and senior home healthcare.

At over $700 billion a year, most of the defense department’s budget goes to contractors and then is promptly wasted on cost overruns, on selling us vehicles that we already have too many of and on dream projects to replace different weapons platforms that end up costing many billions over a ten year period. I will fight to make it a regular occurrence to have the defense department audited, so that we can effectively determine the fraud, waste and abuse that have happened for decades.

We spend more on the military than the next ten countries combined and a lot of these countries are allies. I believe the military budget needs to be cut to around $300 billion a year and the savings be used to help the working and middle class people at home.

I also strongly oppose the use of our troops to secure far away natural resources, as well as, getting them purposefully entrenched in regions where those resources or geographical choke points reside. This maintains an instability in these regions that keeps those resource prices high, but more importantly makes our troops have to occupy an area where we have no business being in because none of those countries attacked us…and the country that did, we have been in for almost 18 years with no end in sight. Our veterans deserve far better than this. Which is why I will fight to end the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AMUF) that began way back in 2001. This allows war to be declared without congress even having a debate about whether or not it’s really in the national interest.