This country needs to have a completely renewable energy production system by 2028. While the goal may be bold, it will happen with large amounts of investment in the research and development of a national system of renewable sources, and it’s something we desperately need to start now.

The world of existing renewable energy technology is already on the rise and is getting cheaper to produce and more efficient in its generation of energy, when not being hampered by corrupt officials who are usually paid off by fossil fuel interests. We have got to continue to further develop solar and wind projects, but also invest heavily in the research and development of technologies based on geothermal energy from deep below the earth’s surface, on algae-based biofuels and on capturing tidal and wave energy.

Renewable energy solutions are also front and center in how we defeat climate change. For it is fossil fuel energy sources that have provided the overwhelming amount of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions over the decades and transitioning from those sources to renewable, clean sources is our only hope.