Cannabis Legalization

While this country has come a long way in its acceptance of cannabis as a medicinal product and as a cash crop, we still have a ways to go. There are a multitude of reasons to legalize cannabis on a federal level and all of them have either a revenue generating or money saving aspect to them.

Criminalization, as well as, mass incarceration has created a moral failure that also serves to drain away much need financial resources. Whether held in private or public prisons, each person who is there for just cannabis infractions is tens of thousands of dollars spent every year, not to mention the years lost of an otherwise productive life.

Interstate transportation of cannabis products, banks not having restrictions on doing transactions with those businesses, medical breakthroughs made by researching positive aspects, freedom for a large percentage of people in custody for use or sales, all of this and more are possible once we finally legalize cannabis. The amount of job creation, small business creation and tax revenue on all government levels are limitless. While there will always be a need to have regulations preventing children from obtaining those products, I will always fight to protect the people and legitimate businesses from the ignorant and outdated forces that still seek to portray this plant as the deadly thing that it is not.